Fence & Deck Painting/Staining


Would we say that painting and staying are the same thing? Obviously not, the way that we apply it is going to change and obviously paint and stain or meant to cover different types of needs. To ensure that your paint or your stain job is going to last for a long time there are a couple of things that we are going to need to consider. Number one is going to be the type of stain that we are going to be using. Number two is actually giving the area the time to cure properly before we do anything else. These rest periods are really important in being able to obtain good results.

Oil or Water

If you actually go out and try to find the right type of stain or paint or what procedure you are going to use for your deck you are going to find that it is tougher than it looks. Not only are you going to have to choose between the different types of brands that there are available. You are also going to have to make sure that you chose an oil or a water-based stain. Which one is going to be just right for you? This is really a tough tell!

Each Case Is Unique

We are not going to be able to make recommendations over the phone as to what type of products we use for one thing or another. At the end of the day, each situation is going to be unique. If we are going through a restoration process we may decide to go with different chemicals than we would on just a normal tune-up. If you want to make sure that you are getting the right procedure done you may want to give us a call or contact us and allow us to help

How Often Does Work Need To Be Done?

Let’s just be honest we are going to be running into more trouble. There are certain stains that are going to allow to only stain your deck around once every five years. If you use other types of stains though you are going to have to repeat the process on a yearly basis. The same thing is going to go for fences. What would we recommend that you do? Well, again it is entirely going to depend on the look that you are going for. If you want minimal maintenance to be needed that is also something that we can help you with. 

Full Redo

If you have a very aging deck or door there are probably still a couple of things that we are going to be able to do to get it back in good shape. Most of the time a proper staining and painting job can make even some of the most worn-down doors and decks get back to being quite useful. We suggest that you don’t give up on them until you give us a call!