Exterior Painting

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The work we do on exteriors has to put up with the natural wear tear that is going to be thrust upon it just because of the fact that it is located outdoors. Does this mean that it is going to need more coatings of paint to be able to last a long time? Not necessarily, that is going to depend on the type of surface that we are going to be painting and quite frankly the type of paint that we are going to be using. Leaving a large bulk of paint on a surface does not actually guarantee anything. The outer layer is still going to be exposed to dust and sunlight and over time it can start to look dull.

What Can We Paint?

We could probably reference this to “what can’t we paint”. There is really no need to spend a lot of time talking about this. We can obviously paint drywall that is facing outward, stucco, aluminum, metal, you name it. If you need us to paint an oddly shaped building or structure just make sure that you give us some time to be able to determine exactly how we are going to be doing this. Mainly to make sure that we can be safe while doing this!

Paint Sprayer, Brush What Do We Use?

It is not like we are going to be fully married to one type of technique to handle the entire paint job. Paint sprayers are widely regarded as the easiest way to cover a larger area. That assessment is basically true, but we are of the mindset that there are certain areas where we are still going to need to get up close and personal and paint with a fine brush. Just to ensure that they are going to be painted the right way.    

Pressure Washing or Repainting?

A lot of people like to compare the two since the main idea behind either washing or repainting is to give your home a fresh look. We usually don’t like to pile up on the layers of paint when we don’t need to. If you want to keep the paint job, but you want to get a little more life out of it pressure washing can be a great way to do it. If you want to know how often you are going to need to repaint that is going to be around every 5 years. Yet, this is all going to depend on the type of paint that you used and what it was exposed to!

Is There Any Paint That Does Not Fade?

The answer to this question can be just a simple no. However, it is true that different types of paint are going to “age” differently. Although we tend to work with products from a variety of paint manufacturers we do have our favorites for different types of jobs. If you want to know which paints happen to be our favorites you can give us a call!