Commercial Painting


Large scale projects are just not for everyone. If one of the main benefits of hiring our services is that we are going to be able to get the job done quickly you can rest assured that we are not going to be letting only two of our guys handle a large scale project. To be honest, a lot of planning ultimately needs to go into these projects. That way we can take into account drying times and making sure that we are always able to put the work in without having much downtime.

What Can We Paint?

Most of the jobs that we handle within this service involve painting stores, restaurants, and larger buildings. Obviously, we can work both on interiors and exteriors. If you have a large scale paint project that you need us to cover that you could say is going to be a little bit out of the ordinary make sure to give us a call. As we mentioned before these are typically projects that are going to take a lot of proper planning to be able to obtain the best results. This usually also means that we are going to be able to paint virtually anything just as long as we have a proper plan in place.

Making Schedules Match

We could talk about the different painting techniques that we use, but these are going to vary depending on the specific needs that you are going to have. What we think is more important is for you to know that we are not going to require that you shut down your operation to allow us to work. More often than not one of the issues that keep people from renovating their paint job is the fact that they can’t afford to shut down operations. We understand that and can have flexible schedules to make sure that this is not something that you have to do! 

Do We Find Ourselves Using Different Techniques In Commercial Jobs?

Actually yes, we usually like to know where and who we are working for. The reason we say that is because we are probably going to want to paint a restaurant kitchen a bit differently than we would other parts of the restaurant. The kitchen wall and ceiling are going to have to deal with grease and other types of things and so adding a couple of layers can actually help in the cleaning process. There are things like that for every type of commercial job that we do.

Odd Shaped Surfaces

A big part of what we have to do is find the right way to be able to get paint on some pretty strange looking structures. From sculptures to doors to different types of things we have been through quite a bit of challenges over the years. More often than not we have been able to come out on top. Do you think that you are going to have a tough challenge for us to tackle?